The Blog ofTeam Kipp

Happy Halloween! We’ve reached the time of year when all things get a little SPOOKY! On any given day its easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to Buying or Selling a home…there’s paperwork, packing & money moving about, but we’ve heard more recently that clients are feeling concerned about the current housing market.  With mortgage rate increases and lower inventory it would be understandable for anyone to give rise to those concerns.  That is where TEAM KIPP will be your best ally in a challenging market.  We continually stay involved and educated to bring the best strategy that fits our client’s needs.  What works for some does not work for all, but communication is KEY! We’d love to hear from you with any questions or concerns you have regarding this transitioning market; so we can do our best to quell those fears.  Whether you are thinking of Selling while home values are normalizing or you are considering Buying to take advantage of the current interest rate give us a call:615-549-7967.

Hope you have a fun & safe Halloween!