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I’ve been told over the years that you don’t do business with your friends and I semi-believed that.  However, I knew soon after meeting Sharon Kipp in 2008 through our local Chamber of Commerce that she would be my REALTOR pick when the time came.  We became close friends because of her co-founding of the Women in Business chapter of the Chamber.  Fast forward to Sharon mentioning that she was mentoring two younger REALTORS as a sister team, learning all they could from her wealth of experience after 35 years in the business.  

When I shared with Sharon that I wanted her to be my choice of REALTOR due to my decision of being ready to downsize our home, she assured me we’d be taken extra care of by her and her talented team of Jesseh Smith and Beccah Hartman.  I had gotten to know Jesseh through our WIB group at the Chamber and could not be more pleased to be working with her as my main contact.  I shared with her that my husband and I were looking to list our home of 23 years in mid-2020 with a desired moving date in October.  She and Sharon even came to the house during that Spring at my request to counsel and guide me on staging and improving our home prior to listing.

In June, Jesseh called me to tell me about a young couple expecting their first baby in July who loved our floor plan because they had already seen another house in our neighborhood but their offer was not accepted.  But after seeing our house and learning we did not want to move until October, they made us an offer with hopeful plans of a September closing.  We were all set to start our house hunting in August and settled on a beautiful new home being sold by a couple relocating out of state.

Jesseh called with the good news that our offer had been accepted and a closing date of September 30 was set.  We took off to Florida to spend a few weeks before our moving date.  Sadly, after only 2 days there, I got the call that my sister had passed, so we immediately returned home.  During this sad and stressful time, Jesseh and Sharon were pillars of strength for me.  I know that my weeks of taking care of my sister’s affairs created a very emotional roller coaster for me.  Gratefully, TeamKipp was right there to comfort, calm and guide me.  And I am confident they were doing the same thing for the buyers of our home.  And even though the journey took just a little bit longer than we’d hoped, the outcome was exactly as we wanted with three families being blessed by TeamKipp.  Because we wanted to downsize, the sellers of our new home were about to purchase their new home out of state.  Because we wanted to downsize, a sweet young family get to fill our former home with great love.  And because we wanted to downsize, we found the perfect home to start a new chapter in our lives.  And who needs to be thanked for that domino effect?  The incomparable TeamKipp!  I am very pleased to recommend this team as one with great heart, integrity, ethics and wisdom.  Go TeamKipp!

-Debbie Trombley


I first met and worked with Jesseh Smith of TeamKipp as a first-time home-buyer in 2017. I was incredibly intimidated to embark on the home buying process alone, especially given the competitive market in and around Nashville, Tennessee and my limited budget. Jesseh laid my fears to rest almost instantly. She made me feel as if I was her only client. There was not an email, text or call that went unanswered by Jesseh. She took me to see countless properties until we found the one that I would (and did) call home for over two years. The experience of working with Jesseh and TeamKipp to find my first home made it more than easy to choose to work with them again when it was time to sell that home. In 2019 I took a job in Pittsburgh, PA and contacted Jesseh immediately. She came to see me in my home the very next day. Once again and not surprisingly in the least bit, Jesseh exceeded my expectations. Because of her, not only did we find a buyer in what I believe to be record time, she sold my first home for a price that has allowed my husband and I to begin our new life in Pennsylvania with financial peace and freedom. I cannot say enough about the gratitude I have for Jesseh and TeamKipp. I would (and have) recommended her to my best friends, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone who is either considering or actually in the process of buying or selling a home. Thank you Jesseh and TeamKipp! 

-Kayla K. Brandt, M.Div.


Just got one of your newsletters and have been meaning to touch base with you and David to see how you’re both doing! Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we started the process of cleaning out Mom and Dad’s house and getting ready to turn it over to Team Kipp. Just wanted to again say “thank you” to you both for making a difficult time less painful.

-Nancy Walden


I met Sharon as the seller’s realtor in the transaction to purchase my house in the Donelson area of Nashville.  Being new to the area I had multiple questions regarding the property and other services that I needed in the area.  Sharon is very prompt professional and absolutely goes way beyond what is required to just close a real estate transaction.  She assisted me with utilities, recommendations for local service people and title services and also went out of her way to introduce me to the community and it’s residents.  I’ve now lived in the area approximately 6 months and have learned that Sharon is tremendously involved in various groups that support the Donelson area and our community and is extremely well respected and appreciated.  She is honest, hardworking, kind, friendly and has a fun personality and is a delight both personally and professionally.  I would highly recommend her in any real estate transaction and she will be the first person that I call to handle a transaction for me as either the buyer or the seller.  I’ve worked with a number of realtors over the years and she is the best!

-Teresa Leberman 

I would like to share my and my family’s real estate experience with Team Kipp for the benefit of anyone who has a real estate need.  If you or someone you know is looking for a REALTOR who is highly professional, pleasant, attentive to your needs, and can handle any situation flawlessly, choose Team Kipp.  Sharon & David Kipp and their Team will provide you with a fabulous real estate experience whether you are buying or selling your home.  With their team approach, you get the benefit of working with more than one top professional.  They know their “stuff” and will guide you through the experience every step of the way making your real estate transaction a smooth and pleasant one.  Because of your positive experience, you too will want to refer Team Kipp to your friends and family.  They are truly the best in the business.

I can refer Team Kipp with confidence due to personal experience.  Over the years, Sharon, David, and their Team has assisted me with purchasing and selling 7 homes.  Four homes for me and three for my mom and brother.  Three of these homes had extremely unique issues.  Sharon handled the issues with grace and confidence.  She knew exactly how to stage the homes and made the proper recommendations for us to get top dollar for the properties.  David is an expert at contract detail and handles tough negotiations smoothly.  Together they responded to all questions and issues that arose in a timely and professional manner.  Because of their knowledge, follow up and efficiency, the homes sold quickly.  Sharon, David, and Team Kipp take tremendous pride in their profession and it shows all along the way.

If you have a real estate need, choose Team Kipp for a wonderful and stress free experience.  You will be happy with your choice.

– Patti Griggs Ingram


We entered the home buying process feeling very nervous, overwhelmed, and uncertain.  The housing market is highly competitive, and as young first time buyers, we knew it would be difficult.  However, working with you relieved so much stress and you walked us through everything.  We met with other agents, but none of them demonstrated the knowledge, confidence and calm demeanor that you showed.  We knew of your fabulous reputation in real estate, and that came across immediately.  Experience was a must for us.  With your knowledge and expertise, we knew we could trust you to help us find a house and not overpay.  We felt that you truly wanted to find a home right for us and not a quick sale.  In the end, it ended up being an enjoyable process and we purchased a home we love!  Thank you!

-Justine Feldt & Trevor Garner 


I have to give a huge shoutout to my ride or die realtor Sharon K. Kipp with Team Kipp. She stuck to the promise she made well over a year ago that she was in it for the long haul. And boy was it a long one! The countless texts, phone calls, emails, and on a whim house viewings… she was always eager and encouraging. Frankly, I think she was even more excited for me to get my first home and experience home ownership than I was. If I had a question, no matter how silly or outlandish, if she couldn’t answer it herself she knew who to call to get an answer. She guided me honestly every step of the way. Her knowledge of the Nashville area, experience, and understanding of today’s market is hands down second to none. She’s a professional badass, there’s just no other way to describe her. Even when I was ready to throw in the towel after several let downs… she remained my biggest cheerleader. If you think that home ownership is a stretch, I encourage you to give Team Kipp a shout and explore your options!! They have literally housed the entire Baker clan in all of our homes for the last 30 years here in Nashville, and I can assure you… they’ll go above and beyond to do the same for you! Thanks so much #teamkippnashville
– Rachel Baker


First, I would like to apologize for the delay in writing my accolades for Team Kipp. Sharon and David sold my Mother’s house in Donelson within 4 hours of signing the contract to sell the house. They helped with so much outside of the normal realm of a realtor. It was really hard to sell my Mother’s house that she loved for 27 years and I couldn’t have done it without Team Kipp. I will be forever grateful for the professional and comforting treatment, above fair price received for the property, and the seamless closing after I had moved from Tennessee. I highly recommend Sharon and David Kipp as your Realtors, they are the best!  ~ 
– Shelley Miano


After formally searching for a home for about four months, my husband Scott and I closed on our Donelson Ranch on Aug. 1 and Sharon was an invaluable resource to us during that process.  Sharon’s wealth of knowledge, experience and patience minimized our stress and gave us confidence in our search and ultimately, the home we purchased (which we love!).

Sharon also did a great job of listening to our needs and wants, which was helpful as we made decisions that were important to us on both a financial and emotional level.  She is very responsive to phone calls, emails and texts and scheduled showings at our convenience.  We truly felt like we had a partner in our home search and that Sharon was always looking out for our best interest.

Sharon is an honest, up-front person and is well-respected by our community. Everyone from our mortgage lender to our home inspector had wonderful things to say about her.  We recommend Sharon without hesitation and we feel so fortunate to have her as our realtor.  Besides being a great realtor and professional, she is a delightful person and a joy to be around!
– Ashely & Scott Larmer

Thank you to Sharon Kipp and her team for help, support, advice and patience in both selling and buying my home.  They TRULY made a difference as I navigated through the process. 3 full price offers in 11 days was amazing and thanks to Team Kipp I was able to close quickly and smoothly.  The right realtor makes a world of difference and Team Kipp went above and beyond.  They are very knowledgeable and I always felt they had my best interest at heart. I have worked with several Realtors and Sharon/Team Kipp is at the top of my list.  If you are looking to sell or buy a new home, I am confident you will be very pleased with the service and knowledge you will receive from Team Kipp! 
– LeeAnn Gilgen

As Friday is past, and at somewhat of an anti-climatic ending due to my feeling absolutely horrible, I just want to formally thank you for all your work in getting Mom’s house sold. At a time in our lives when everything was upside down, you really came through for us and made things so much better. There are really not enough words to express what a relief it is to be able to trust someone to take care of all the “scary stuff”. Thank you so very much and be sure of your future recommendations!
– Marilyn Teichman

Thanks so much for the pics, Sharon.  They are terrific! And thanks so much for making our first home buying experience such a great one. We are so happy with our choice and look forward to making lots of memories in our new home.  We couldn’t have done it without all of your help and support and we are so grateful to have such a wonderful realtor and friend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
– Your happy homeowners

Thanks again for helping sell my house.  Your advice how to prepare the house for sale (painting, landscaping, lighting, etc.) was spot-on, and I was surprised how many prospective buyers you found in such short time.  I feel your 30 years’ experience helped determine a price that was fair to both seller and buyer. 
You answered questions with professional, yet courteous responses.  Plus, the Kipp team was available every time I had questions.  And there were lots of questions.  
You were there from day 1 to closing and I couldn’t ask for better representation. 

Roger W. Barnett

Thanks Sharon, you’re awesome! I’ll tell everyone we know to look to you when they are in the market for a home. Working with you was breeze and you made sure we understood everything and looked for all the right stuff when purchasing a home. Thank you so much.
– Andrew Blanchard

This is a first-rate group of folks and an excellent real estate agency.
I recently purchased a property in Hermitage that was listed by Team Kipp. As with many home purchases, we faced a few challenges to finalize & close the deal. David at Team Kipp was a real blessing, always there, day or night, to help both myself and the seller navigate smoothly through the sales process from beginning to end. With me being new to the area, Team Kipp was an invaluable resource to locating services and professionals nearby and they’ve continued to offer their support getting connected to the community. In today’s world where many “so-called professionals” leave you stranded after you’ve signed on the dotted line, Team Kipp is a breath of fresh air. 

It would be my pleasure to LIKE, Team Kipp on FB.  David was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and in all facets of the decision making details associated with buying a home.  I would never hesitate to recommend your company.  We’re very blessed to have you both as our new neighbors and I thank you for your willingness to help get Laura Lea plugged into the community.

Thanks again Sharon.
Respectfully, Jon Waltz

Well OL David is up to it again. He just can’t stop being nice and doing a great job ( good grill meister ALSO). But let’s don’t forget that beautiful ( full of energy wife, Sharon ,She’s his spark! They are great team. 
– Robert Jones

Dear Sharon,

We are now settled into our new home, and as we reflect upon the experience of our move, we realize how important your services were to our success and happiness.  Almost 14 years ago, you found for us the perfect house to meet our needs, and now you have done it again.  And this time you also sold our “old” house.

You did all this is a surprisingly short time, and you enabled us to make both these transactions at good, fair prices and with a minimum of effort on our part.  All your hard work paid off for us handsomely.  And we can not imagine anyone providing these services in a more professional, skillful and enjoyable way.

After our first experience with you, we knew that we would want your help again when the time came.  And after this second experience, we feel “brilliant” for that decision.  Your “no surprises”, “straight-talk” approach works for us.

We invite you and David to refer prospective clients to us to hear how much we appreciate you.

Mary and James Baird

Looks great! Just finished watching the video. Can’t say enough about the professionalism of how it’s marketed! Thanks 
– Robert